Emerald Executives Emerge in Finland

Two of Europe’s most influential leaders saw their tireless work ethic and powerful business strategy pay off in a big way this week. Congratulations to Eric and Kati Gammals on achieving the Emerald Executive title!

Only a handful of Team Members have reached this level in the European markets, making this accomplishment one for the history books.

Eric and Kati are Finland natives that have been with Synergy WorldWide since 2011, and have been moving forward at full speed ever since, changing thousands of lives along the way. They are valued members of the European Advisory Board and contribute much of their success to effective training and team work.

On behalf of Synergy North America, we express sincere congratulations. It is truly a privilege to have Eric and Kati on the Synergy WorldWide team. They are examples of leadership, and we are thrilled to announce this tremendous and well-earned achievement. We hope their example serves to inspire all of the potential business builders in this market and throughout the world.



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