Starting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is May 1, 2014- and it's a big day for Synergy North America. Not only is it a clean slate for Top 50 Challengers to win monthly prizes...not only does it mean we're getting close to Business Builder Conference weekend (May 9-10)... it's also a month where important changes go into effect for the benefit of customers across this great market.

New Pricing Structure
The simplified pricing structure that was announced on April 1 of this year will become effective starting tomorrow, May 1st. Within this new structure, Team Members and customers will find greater savings on our flagship product, ProArgi-9+, as greater quantities are purchased. We are happy to report that many Team Members have already begun to realize the benefits of this new structure and have been sharing the news with customers and contacts with positive results.

Click here to view the updated US price list.
Click here to view the updated US price list for bulk orders.

We've Heard You: ProArgi-9+ Jumbos
Many Team Members have requested the ability to continue ordering Jumbo canisters without the accompanying box of Single Serve Packets. Jumbo canisters can be ordered by themselves, priced according to the new structure at $235/170CV for the canister*.

Grandfathered Autoship Options
Jumbo Canister Orders: Team Members and preferred customers who have an active Autoship template containing Jumbo canisters of ProArgi-9+ will be able to continue paying the current price of $225* through August 31, 2014. At the end of these four months, the price will change following the simplified pricing structure that becomes effective tomorrow.

Autoship 100 Packs: The Autoship 100 Promotion Packs will expire today, April 30th. However, as announced on the first of this month, those who have active Autoship templates containing one of these Autoship 100 Promotion Packs as of April 30th will automatically be grandfathered in through August 2014.

Orders of 48 Packs
Beginning tomorrow, May 1, anyone who orders a bulk pack containing 48 canisters of ProArgi-9+ must adhere to the policy designed to protect Synergy Team Members and customers around the world. This policy includes an agreement form that must be signed before the purchase is made. Details can be found on the agreement form.

Note that this policy has been put in place as part of Synergy WorldWide's ongoing effort to combat the sale of Synergy products on online auction sites such as Amazon and eBay. We remind you that section 11.14 of our official Policies and Procedures manual states that "Team Members may not sell Synergy products on eBay, Amazon, or any other Internet auction/shopping site." Failure to adhere to this policy may result in termination from the company.

Note: The prices above are applicable to Citrus Berry and Mixed Berry flavors only. ProArgi-9+ Grape is priced slightly higher due to the increased cost of raw materials for this flavor offerings. Click here to see price list >>



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