March Activity Bonus Report

The second month of the Activity Bonus Program just came to an end, and several fantastic Team Members across North America took advantage of the cash on the table. These Team Members pushed themselves to find new customers and distributors, and Synergy WorldWide is delighted to recognize and reward them for their efforts.

These cash bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg. The men and women who have earned PABs and DABs are experiencing network marketing at its finest. Remember, the requirements of these bonuses are the fundamental business building activities that can lead to extreme growth in residual income.

We congratulate those who earned these bonuses in March, and we are especially excited for the endless possibilities that lie ahead of those who continue on this path.


Trudy Northcutt
This young Team Member lives only a few miles from Synergy HQ. Trudy and her mother/business partner Kaye used the Activity Bonus Program itself to incentivize a few of their contacts to become distributors. These contacts had only casually enjoyed the product until this point, but according to Kaye, "there is fun stuff going on right now in the business with these bonuses. Now is the time to sign up and get going."

Denise & Dan Butcher
This Team Leader husband and wife may have spent part of last month on the shores of Cancun, but that didn't stop them from earning a DAB and a second consecutive PAB. Denise and Dan are dedicated, passionate business builders. That's why their name often appears high on the Top 50 charts on both a monthly and yearly basis. Now with over two hundred extra dollars coming their way in addition to their earned commissions, we're sure to see even more great things from this power couple.


Carol Priem Barton Lund Denise Butcher
Nancy Kerbs Barbara McKeever Fred Girbert
Pamela Krajnik Connie Nielsen Renee LaMontagne
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski Gerri Bingham Joy and Richard Matwyshen
Thu Nguyen Marline McCracken Cliff Rosang
Ed Wertz John Richards Rudy Pedroza & Paul Blad
Leslie Kentrolis Marie Chippie Willa Holgate


Marcia Norwood Trudy Northcutt Lachelle Lopez
Josh Biberdorf Lee & Crystal Edwards Pete Miller
Kalynn Smestad Jon Pulley Dr. Mark Warta
Dr. Tim Bogren Carl Seigel Sherry Burns
Michelle Duncan Brian Holt Custer McLeod



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