Message from Howard Hannemann

"A December to Remember!"

Aloha Synergy! I hope this message finds you happy and healthy, ready to enjoy a great holiday season and ready to make the most of this month— the last of 2013!

Everyone makes "To-Do" lists around the busy holidays. Here are a few to-do's I recommend you add to the list:

#1:  Realize that you are not going to let the holiday season become a shutdown season. The weeks around Christmas and New Years are called by wise, successful people the "secret weapon week."  They can be your most productive and most rewarding. Half the world is doing nothing but watching crazy videos on the internet. They’re on holiday from work or, even if they’re working, their mind isn't in it. They are checking emails and taking phone calls. It’s a great time to reach people.

#2: Keep your team learning and growing. Maintain your usual weekly calls, webcasts or whatever your do that works. Recruiting events shouldn't stop in December. If they fall on Christmas or New Years, move them forward or backward a day, but keep the routine going for your team. Throw in some Christmas cheer and make them your most memorable and impactful events of 2013.

#3: Do some gardening. Yes, in the middle of winter I think you should do some gardening, and by that I mean you should be planting seeds! As you’re attending holiday parties with colleagues and holiday dinners with family and friends, be listening. You’re very likely going to hear from a lot of people complaining about their boss or job, wishing they were doing something more meaningful, and (lots of them) talking about the financial strain the holiday season has placed upon them. Don’t make your pitch over the honey-baked ham. Just let them know you have something that might help them, and you’ll be following up within a few days.

What you do this month will be remembered in your commission check next month and for many months to come. You will look back on December and be glad you pushed yourself to do a little bit more. I sincerely wish you that kind of happiness, that lack of regret, and all the rewards you deserve. I hope everyone has a happy, safe, productive and memorable holiday season. Cheers!

Howard Hannemann 
Director of Sales, North America
Synergy WorldWide.



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