A Clean Start to 2014

January 1 is approaching and you know what that means. Many people—yourself included—will take the new year's opportunities to upgrade their health. Across the world, well-intentioned people will resolve to exercise, increase their fitness and decrease their body fat.

Well, Synergy supports these resolutions and all those who are ready to fight against the junk food, inactivity, and the associated toxins.

Today we'd like to offer one word of healthy advice: Cleanse.

That's right. Hit the reset button on your system. 

There is a good chance your holiday celebrations will include a not-so-healthy food intake. However, those holiday celebrations aren't entirely to blame. Your entire 2013 probably contained hundreds of meals that left less-than-favorable impressions upon your insides. So, give yourself a clean slate to start on. Cleanse.

Why cleanse? The standard answer to this question would be: When we eat a lot of meat, dairy, and chemically processed foods, taking in toxins through the water we drink and the air we breath, we create toxic buildup in the body that compromises our overall health. Cleanse your body of that toxic buildup and waste. That waste and those unwanted toxins are contributing to health decline across the globe.

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, please consider a different answer to the "why cleanse" question.

Starting 2014 by cleansing will increase your chances of achieving the goals you set in your new year's resolution. People want to see the fruits of their labors. When they pass on french fries and eat broccoli instead, they want to be rewarded! They want to see the smaller numbers on their bathroom scale. Body Cleanse by SLMsmart can help with that.

You see, a clean system is a faster-functioning system. Just as a clean engine will make a car accelerate quicker and optimize fuel efficiency, the same principle can be applied to our bodies. Your ability to burn fat and metabolize food can increase as you increase the cleanliness of your gastrointestinal and digestive system.

Body Cleanse is the powerful formula carefully designed to give you a clean start. It is comprised of 35 herbs that have been used throughout history for their detoxifying and waste-removing powers. Body Cleanse is neither dependent on a periods of fasting/starvation, nor any kind of invasive procedure. Instead, the simple consumption of tablets and capsules will work wonders, especiallywhen combined with healthy food choices and plenty of water.
Look, when it comes to eating, no one is perfect, and the holidays are especially difficult, but we can still reach our New Year's goals.  If you want to see results and you want to see them fast, don't let waste and toxins slow you down. Get rid of the sludge. Start the new year with Body Cleanse and then keep up the good work. You can reach your goals. Remember, the critics who think New Years Resolutions are only made to be broken don't have to be correct. Prove them wrong and enjoy your health in 2014 and beyond. 



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