SLMsmart Success: Employee Challenge

A few short months ago, Synergy's corporate team challenged its members to a 90 day SLMsmart weight-loss challenge. Many of our staff signed up to follow the SLMsmart system and compete to win an exciting grand prize.

Total 90 Day Weight Loss: 16.23% of starting body weight.

It was an exciting, closely-run race right until the last day of the challenge. In the end, Synergy WorldWide happily offered a huge congratulations to Sophia Karlsson Wilson for losing 16.23% of her body weight in just 90 days! Sophia was awarded a new iPad mini for her example, her discipline and her dedication.
Synergy President Dan Norman, and CEO/Founder Dan Higginson personally congratulating Sophia for her success

Sophia, Synergy's talented Member Services representative for Sweden, is a young mom unwilling to let motherhood interfere with her health and fitness. As the employee challenge began, she hit the ground running, losing weight quickly and efficiently. As time went by, she felt driven by the competition as both Spencer and Paul were quickly shedding pounds and threatening to take over the lead. She stayed strong, flexing the muscles of her willpower. She avoided the non-essential foods, stayed true to the program, and came out on top.

"I loved SLMsmart because the program is simple," said Sophia. "It gets you eating all the essential foods so you have more energy and you are never hungry. It is not a fad diet where you starve yourself or you have to eat a specific thing. SLMsmart helps you build a healthy lifestyle and by doing that you loose weight."

I really love the Health Shake. I mix spinach and fruit or berries and use almond milk in order to get some of my greens and fruits in. I will continue to use it to maintain. I Love it!”

Total 90 Day Weight Loss: 15.5% of starting body weight, 33 lbs. total.

"One of the things that I really appreciated about the SLMsmart program was the ease with which I could incorporate it into my daily habits," said Spencer. "It was just so easy to replace my breakfast-- which, up until that point I hadn't been having at all-- with a shake that I could mix up in just a few minutes. It would give me the energy I needed to get through the first part of the day without leaving me hungry and starving for everything that my eyes saw in the afternoon."

Spencer found the weekly journal to be a valuable tool in his weight loss efforts. "It was just super easy to follow, and I feel like if I filled out all my boxes everyday, then it was fail-safe."

On life with less weight, Spencer remarked that "it's a big difference. It's a noticeable difference in my daily activities."

Spencer is Synergy's Norwegian Member Services representative.

Total 90 Day Weight Loss: 11.9% of starting body weight, 39 lbs. total

"I came into the challenge with a plan to give it 110% the entire 90 days and to trust the system. Now, 90 days later I am proud to say that I am 39 lbs lighter and I feel like a changed person. My confidence level has never been higher and I feel like I have more energy now than I have had in years. Everyone around me has commented on the difference and I am proud of what the SLMSmart system has helped me achieve.

I am thrilled to be continuing this journey and achieving more goals in my personal and professional life with the help of this amazing product.

Thank you Synergy and the SLMSmart program."

Note: Both Paul and Spencer have not yet submitted a before-and-after photo. They are both continuing to lose weight at the time of this writing and are saving the "after picture" for the day their goals are ultimately reached. Also, each of them were awarded an iPod Nano by Dan Norman and Dan Higginson.


For 90 days, these and several other employees followed the SLMsmart system, filling out weekly journals and submitting them as they weighed in every Tuesday. It wasn't long before they started noticing a difference and feeling the benefits.

This is the exact same SLMsmart system available to Team Members and customers throughout North America. There was no extra help or coaching given to these employees. They used the same resources that are on today. The kind of results that these men and women have achieved can be achieved by anyone willing to commit to this simple, effective, healthy system.

Share these stories with your friends and loves ones or, better yet, become your own story with the help of SLMsmart. There's no better time than now!



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