SLMsmart Interviews and Videos

Earlier this year, Synergy WorldWide proudly launched the SLMsmart System and product line for North America. Now, Synergy is making it easier than ever for people to learn the science behind SLMsmart, and to see why SLMsmart is the superior weight-management system in the industry.

A new line of videos has been added to the Resources tab. These videos include product and overall-system explanations directly from Dr. Stacey Bell, the expert behind the SLMsmart system. We encourage everyone to take the time to educate yourself on the SLMsmart science, so you can have the knowledge, power and confidence to achieve results for yourself and help others do the same.

Howard Hannemann Interviews Doctor Bell

One of the biggest video projects added to the SLMsmart Resources collection is a recent interview held at the Synergy corporate office. Director of Sales Howard Hannemann sat down with Dr. Bell to learn the "why" behind SLMsmart. As she answered Howard's questions, Dr. Bell explained how SLMsmart compares to the competition, why the diet industry is so large, how Team Members can effectively share the system with others, and more. 

For your convenience, the Resources tab features the entire interview broken up into seven short segments, each segment focusing on a different topic. You can also find the full version of the interview on the site or view it below:

More to Come, Stay Tuned!

If you would like to know more about SLMsmart, Synergy invites you to check the Resources tab often, as more videos are planned to be added to the Resources tab. In fact, Synergy intends to populate the tab with a variety of helpful tips and articles in the near future. Be sure to like Synergy Central on Facebook for updates.



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