Updates Coming to MySynergy Sites

We're excited to announce that on Monday, October 8 the MySynergy sites will receive updates and enhancements that will improve the experience for your visiting customers.


In addition to the Bless Your Heart video, your MySynergy site will also feature the new Synergy Advantage video and Comp Plan video recently featured at the Summit.

The combination of these three videos will help your potential customers and prospects truly see why Synergy WorldWide's products, opportunity, and company are superior.


Synergy's new shopping experience facilitates a simple, step-by-step process that eliminates confusion and helps your customer easily navigate from product selection to checkout.

Through product images and easy-to-understand product categories, your new customers will find this new shopping experience to be extremely user-friendly.


Synergy's sample program is a fantastic feature of the MySynergy sites.

Visiting customers have the ability to request a sample of ProArgi-9+ be sent to an address of their choice. Pending your approval, Synergy WorldWide will send a product sample and personalized letter.

Product Samples include 2 single serve packets of ProArgi-9+ Mixed Berry.

The cost is $2.99/sample or you can also purchase samples in bulk at a rate of 10 samples for $20 - a 33% savings!


MySynergy sites create a non-invasive, educational atmosphere for your potential customers to learn about Synergy WorldWide, its products, and business opportunity.

At a low cost of $60/year (one-time payment) or $11.99/month (monthly payment), you can maximize your online presence and market your Synergy business through today's most heavily traveled highway - the Internet.

Note: Synergy no longer offers a free version of the MySynergy sites. Team Members currently using the free version will enjoy the benefits of the paid version through December 2012.

If the account is not upgraded by that time, the site will go inactive.



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