Accelerator Challenge Top Earners YTD

Join with us in congratulating those who have worked hard to earn this week's recognition for being the Top Earners year-to-date in the Synergy Accelerator Challenge!

The lists below feature both new Team Members who have started their business with incredible momentum and sponsors who have helped their new Team Members do the same.

Top 5 Earners: New Team Members

Mendrei L. Leelin, USA
Nora Graham, USA
Carolyn Mein, USA
Mike Erskine, USA
East Coast Marketing, USA

Top 5 Earners: Sponsors

Terry Yajaira, USA
Lisa Klinker, USA
Nora Graham, USA
Carel Lee, USA
Angelina Yamzon, USA

Again, congratulations to all those who are taking advantage of this opportunity to help others pave their path to financial freedom!

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