International Leaders Achieve Top Ranks

October 2010 was one of the most incredible months in the history of Synergy WorldWide! Team Members around the globe are energized and are sharing Synergy's story and products with all they meet. Our Team Members are the best in the industry, no doubt about it. You are the ones fueling the unprecedented growth of Synergy WorldWide.

Congratulations to the following leaders who achieved some of Synergy's top ranks in October. Thank you all for your tremendous examples of hard work, dedication, leadership, and vision.

Presidential Executive: Han-Tae Hwang (Korea)

Han-Tae didn't want to do it. Even though his big brother, Yun-Tae, was experiencing phenomenal financial success with Synregy, Han-Tae politely turned down Yun-Tae's recommendation to join Synergy each day for about three months. After all, he was preparing to study abroad and wasn't interested in a business opportunity. Then Han-Tae saw what Synergy's products were doing for his brother's and father's health. His answer quickly changed to an enthusiastic "Yes" and Han-Tae became a Synergy Team Member. Read More

Presidential Executive: William Martin (Central Europe)

William Martin continues to put the United Kingdom on the map by becoming the first Presidential Executive in all of Europe. Much of Europe’s growth can be attributed to William’s outstanding efforts, incredible leadership, and dedication to Synergy WorldWide and his Team Members. Read More

Emerald Executive: Mads Østvang (Scandinavia)

Mads Østvang is as versatile as they come. Throughout his life he’s worked as a logger, factory worker, carpenter, Norwegian military officer, a police officer responsible for investigation and operative services, and also completed a two and a half year college course in leadership. In addition, this father of two serves as an instructor of equestrianism and hang gliding. Mads knows the meaning of hard work but also ensures fun is part of the equation. “I have had a job since I was 12, so I learned early on how to work hard while focusing on goals.” Read More

Emerald Executive: Young-Ok Park (Korea)

Young-Ok Park, Emerald Executive, can contribute her success to an unrelenting desire to succeed. When she joined Synergy WorldWide, her goal was to reach Team Director, and in one year’s time, this goal became a reality. Young-Ok Park realized just how powerful this opportunity was and quickly lit a spark that has now turned into a growing flame. Read More



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