Synergy Holiday Promotions

The holidays present great opportunities to get together with friends, family and those we love. Take advantage of these two great promotions and give the gift of health and beauty to those you care about.

SyneMax Holiday Promotion (SU70623)
$25, 15 CV

Make this holiday season a healthy one with delicious, raspberry flavored SyneMax. SyneMax is a liquid vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and trace mineral supplement brimming with fulvic acids. SyneMax is filled with nutritional power in a highly-bioavailable form.

Anyone on Autoship Elite (USA and Canada) can purchase two SyneMax for $25 with 15 CV. That’s a great holiday deal at 55% off the regular price – a savings of $43! This product will soon be discontinued, so be sure to get your now.

TriAction Holiday Promotion (SU70622)
$100, 60 CV

The gift of beauty is just the thing this holiday season. Synergy’s TriAction Skin Solutions System is the premier anti-aging product system. Our Fill, Firm, Relax technologies impart a youthful look that inspires confidence in your appearance, and the assurance that you skin is healthy and strong.

During the holidays, take advantage of TriAction’s amazing youth-promoting benefits through a special offer: anyone on Autoship Elite (USA and Canada) can purchase a TriAction System in a beautiful holiday gift bag for just $100 with 60 CV. That’s a savings of $20 and a free gift bag!

Call Customer Service at 801-431-7660 to order your holiday promotions today. The purchase of either promotion goes above and beyond Autoship orders. Promotions will be available while quantities last.



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