September Executive Message

Synergy Team Members,

What a great summer it has been for our company! August was another incredible month of growth, activity and success for team members throughout North America. Our summer concluded with nearly double the volume over the same period in 2009, triple the number of activations and 4 times the number of rank advancements. It is not often that you see consistent accelerated growth during the so called slow summer months. I want to personally thank each of you for your focus, hard work and commitment to building your Synergy business and sharing our life changing products with so many new people. Your business moving forward will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

I want to take some time and highlight two great individuals that achieved a new Synergy milestone in August. Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza achieved the rank of Diamond Executive which requires 300,000 CV in the weak leg. 300,000 weak leg commissionable volume equates to nearly $1,000,000 in sales going through their organization last month. Paul and Rudy have been Synergy Team Members for over 8 years and it has come with plenty of challenges and hurdles.

Just over 3 years ago they dealt with a very serious issue where they saw much of the volume they worked hard to develop vanish in a very short period of time. Rather than complain, feel sorry for themselves or give up, they did what a real leader does. They went to work and lead by example. Although frustrated and disappointed, they knew they were in this business for the long haul. They kept their eye on their goal of building a long term residual business that was based on improving the lives of others with real life changing products. Since that difficult time, they have never looked back. To this day, they continue to set the pace through hard work, commitment, and belief in themselves.

I just spent nearly two weeks with Paul traveling throughout Europe supporting and building our business. With all his recent success, he is not slowing down his pace but rather stepping it up to a new level. All of us will encounter difficult times in life whether in business or our personal life. The mark of a true leader and successful people in general is how we face and ultimately handle those difficult moments. Do we look for others to blame? Do we give up and decide it is just too hard? Or, like Paul and Rudy, do we face the challenge head on and become better people and more successful from having dealt with the situation we were faced with. I hope it is the latter. I love the saying that our Founder, Dan Higginson, often quotes when speaking to Team Members all around the world which is, “trials and tribulations are mandatory, misery is optional”. We, like Paul and Rudy, have the ability to choose what our level of success and ultimately legacy will be.

Please help me in congratulating Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza on achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. But especially help me in congratulating them on being true leaders and great examples of perseverance and commitment.

I would also like to congratulate Lor Pace for achieving the rank of Team Manager in his first month in the business and to Dwayne Schmidek for being our third Team Manager in Canada. Team Members everywhere continue to experience success and I'm excited for what the month of September will bring. Again, congratulations to everyone for another incredible month.  

Stewart Rutter



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