A Key to Success by Dianne Leavitt

Dianne Leavitt, Presidential Executive, offers great advice on how to get connected as a new Team Member with Synergy WorldWide, as well as how to be an effective leader once you've successfully established your own organization.

We echo the words of Dianne, conference calls can be a source of great information for both new and existing Team Members. Each month Synergy WorldWide holds two live conference calls designed to inform, educate, and help build your business.

On the second Wednesday listen to Dr. Joseph Prendergast on our Live Cardio Call as he discusses his incredible story and helps us understand the science behind ProArgi-9 Plus. You can also join the Executive Team on the third Wednesday for an exciting Corporate Update. Find out what's going on with Synergy around the globe and expand your vision as the Executive Team prepares you for our future! Go here for details on both calls.

We invite you to use these tools in your own business. Drive your prospects to these calls and let them hear firsthand how our company and our products are impacting lives everywhere.

Now we'd like your input. How have conference calls helped you in your Synergy business? What advice would you give to a new Synergy Team Member? Leave a comment below.



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