Stewart's Executive Message

Team Members,

Summer is an exciting season full of family vacations, barbeques, and time at the pool. Heading into the summer months, Synergy’s momentum keeps building thanks to Team Members who are energetic about the company and products and who have established creative, successful strategies for their businesses. These successful Team Members understand that summer is the perfect time to grow and build a business. During these months, people are generally happier, more optimistic about life, are enjoying the outside, and are concerned with health and activity, so they are more easily approached and more receptive to what Synergy can offer. Team Members who understand this principle can really thrive during these hot midyear months and continue their personal game plan throughout the year.

I’ve recently spent a lot of time with Pearl Executive John Hewlett who told me about a business strategy he calls “favorable exposure.” His game plan is to find as many ways as possible to expose the Synergy name and its components, and he constantly explores new ways to connect with people and tell them about ProArgi-9 Plus. He reaches out through phone calls, web video messages, emails, and person-to-person contacts. More than anything, he understands that in order to be successful during the busy summer months he needs to set aside time to plan, contact, and be in front of people. Instead of letting summer parties take over his time, he uses them as networking opportunities to expand his prospect list.

Pearl Executive Steve Seely has developed his own summer strategy that gives him unique opportunities to share Synergy. Summer is synonymous with barbeques, so Steve travels around the country hosting barbeques that turn into fun opportunity meetings. He makes new friends, satisfies the pallet, and builds his team all in one. By following John and Steve’s examples or by creating a summer plan of your own, you can add some heat to your business and ignite your team this summer.

Leading into the season, a few Team Members are already on fire. Marty Holker continues to shine as he exponentially builds his team. Additionally, May added another Team Member to our growing list of top leaders. New Team Director Gerri Bingham is not just another name on the list, however. She has faithfully been with Synergy for years, and her committed and steady efforts are yielding great results. We appreciate her continued dedication and optimism—her positive attitude has influenced many lives for good.

Now is not the time to slow down. You can’t afford to get sluggish as the days get longer and hotter. Take advantage of all that summer offers to launch your business in preparation for the Summit coming up in October. This will be the biggest and most important event of the year. I don’t want to give anything away, but attendees will be among the first to experience new products, learn new business approaches, hear about new promotions, see new sales tools, and discover new enhancements. We have a lot in the works for the Summit, so make sure you are there to witness it for yourself.

An exciting and important part of our Summit is the Recognition Evening where we will recognize the tremendous accomplishments of our hard-working Team Members. Many such Team Members have put in extra effort throughout the month of May, and I would like to take a moment to congratulate each of them on their success:

Gerri Bingham

Brian and Nancy Kerbs
Renee and Jim Creasey

Lorin Leavitt
Marian Brinkman
Healthy And Fit
Accessories West LTD
Help Partnership
Javan Kaiama
Sherry Burns

Yolanda Casados
Healthy Horizons + Inc
Donna Nish
Hyland Enterprises
NJJ Global Enterprises
Toni W. Holt
Linda Baldock

Hang Thu Le
Western Financial Group Inc
Dr Curt Maxwell
Diane Cote
Norman West
Diana Lucas
Susan J. Nichols
Neilson Openano
Eric Apaka
Matthew R Weeks
Sherri Topilko

Dean Anderson
James Cook
Richard Swainson
Smash Through Mentor LTD
Kevin G Beazer
Hammer Enterprises
Margaret Baldock
Lynnett Martin
Cynthia J Wiggins Inc
Edward Pula
Mary Kurpiela
David Vore
Matthew C. Price
Waianae Meat Market
Jacqueline Wiggins
Lorelei Yamaguchi
Shirley Holladay
Lori Kaneshiro
Glenn Wilson
Laverne U And Reginald Tanaka-Kawaakoa

Woolsey Investments
Tony Rios
Scottys Product LLC
Jim Gilbert
Patti Zierse
Michael Holker
Valerie Goold Tolman
Nikki Wooten
Gwendolyn Earll
Tanya A Garcia
Tamera Casavant
Earlyne Garcia
Maria Olivares
Rosette Romancia
Lenora Ishihara
Kdk Marketing Inc.
Ultimate Heart
Wesley Anzai
Iwalani Ahquin
Mark Fulcher
Doug Mendenhall
Christine Nelson
Earl White
Edith M Johnson
Chandas LP
By Jhulsz-1118580 Alberta LTD
Kim Forbes
Helen M Staebell
Tanya R Stout
Grego Mendoza
Think Health
Vitalcare Technology Ent
Ilien D And Herbert G Brunken
Dale Foss
Galen L Daily
Tracy Mireault
Carmen Ramirez
Selena Swann
Bbl Marketing LLC
Jim O. Fawver
Pene Wendell
Douglas S. Johnson D.C.
Melina Tran
Jeanine Keohokalole
Nyle Dusenbery
Helen Muth
Darryl Okamoto
Mary Whitebread
Duane Stegemann
Donald Lawrence
Suet Fong Yau
Julie S. Williams
Garth Toone
Robert Wischmeier
Ladene Reidhead
Suzanne M. Affinati
Chryle And Daryl Bascom
B. Lynne Hoff
Leecia Rad
Ted Lybbert
Jennifer Ah Sam
Kimberlee Cullimore
Stacy Thomas
Steve Holmes
Teuila Iese
Jamie L Lawrence

The Team Members who are growing their businesses have set their sites on success and have created personal and unique game plans to get them there. They are focused on building and on sharing the Synergy message, and they are finding new ways to connect people to this great company. You, too, can be among the successful. Adopt your own game plan and focus on your goals. Start gearing up for the Summit in October. It’s just around the corner and it will be so beneficial to your business. The Summit is the biggest event of the year for Synergy WorldWide, so make sure you are a part of it.

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales



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