Stewart's Executive Message

Team Members,

This month I want to jump right into the progress of the company because there is not much else that is more exciting than this great news. Synergy is on fire! April continued to see an increase of activity and sign ups, which brought with it tremendous volume levels and overall growth in the North American market. This success is quantifiable and the numbers tell it all: we saw double the volume in April 2010 versus April of last year; we have already seen more new Team Members enroll in the first quarter of 2010 than in all of 2009; our 12 month retention rate continues to hold strong at nearly 50%! These figures are truly remarkable and we show no signs of slowing down.

Team Members across the market are stepping up to create personal and team success. Individual Team Members are driving the growth and are taking charge of their businesses and fueling the overall expansion of Synergy. Team Members in tiny Hamilton, Montana and Mesa, Arizona organized fantastic meetings where over 400 and 300 people respectively attended. These meetings are just a reflection of the increased participation and meetings that are taking place across North America. Things are getting exciting?

Coming up behind our increased activity we are seeing competitors attempt to ride our wave. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, we will continue to focus on our strengths and on producing the finest products available. Rest assured that we are strong and positioned very, very well. Our products are tested and validated day after day with the strictest and most thorough Quality Assurance process you will find anywhere and that leaves us nothing to fear. Our products provide results because of the intensity and comprehensiveness of our manufacturing process. Other companies may offer cheaper alternatives, but with that lower cost comes inferior quality—you don’t always know what you are getting. In fact, we have tested some of the emerging l-arginine products at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and we discovered that many of these products do not meet the label and ingredient claims they make.

Don’t be distracted by other companies or copy-cat products. Stay focused on who we are, what we do, and what we have. Not only do we have the science, processes, and resources, but more importantly we have years and years of experience and hundreds of thousands of consumers to validate our products. That is powerful!

The fact that so many people have experienced life-altering changes because of our products speaks for itself. An example of a group that has truly captured the essence of Synergy and what it offers is Team Hawaii. In only 60 days, Team Hawaii has generated $100,000 in monthly revenue. This has been amazing to witness! Growth of that magnitude can happen in a short period of time if sufficient time, effort, and focus are given to the business. Team Hawaii’s success has truly been a team effort on the part of many individuals including Dwayne and Sandy Schmidek, Marty and Heather Holker, Mark Comer and the incredible on-the-ground leadership of Kaimi Pelekai. Everyone has contributed and worked to make this a reality. I would like to offer a huge congratulations and thank you for everyone involved in Team Hawaii!

Synergy’s recent success is not limited to Team Hawaii and we are seeing amazing results in so many cities and groups. Marty and Heather Holker are deserving of a special congratulations for their advancement to Team Elite. This feat requires more than 60,000 in the lesser leg and Marty and Heather have accomplished this in four short months! They are among the fastest to ever reach this level and they are not slowing down. Bob Holker is also quickly climbing the ranks and he hit Team Director in April, which is another incredible milestone along the path to Presidential Executive. Brooke Strebe, Lesa Maiava, and 5 Star Health have each achieved the impressive rank of Team Manager. They are consistent and committed to Synergy and to their teams, and they each represent a solid leader.

Many others have rank advanced in April. Please join me in congratulating these individuals on their significant achievements:

Zion Ventures LP

Seven Seals LP

5 Star Health
Warner Maiava
Legacy Health LLC

Kaimi Pelekai
Randy Ash
Kellie R Turley

Melissa Timario
Karin Quarrie
Ila Ruckaber
Pat Erdmann
Javan Kaiama

Dr Closets Mission
Cathy Cunningham
Njj Global Enterprises
Carl Schuelke
Holly Cruz
Hyland Enterprises
Alberta K Guzman
Sharemor Argi9
Linda Baldock
Accessories West LTD
Craig Newhouse
The Meek Team

Eric Apaka
Neilson Openano
Cinda Peterson
George & Roberta Mervyn
Allen Baer
Schella S. Padilla
Debbie Newman
Henry N. Nguyen
Shannon L. Ulrich
Rochelle Gramyk
Jordan Mossman
Jason K. Torres
Zachary Hewlett
Ronald Williams
Anthony Taylor
Bill Milton
Leatha O’dell
Susan J. Nichols

Royalle Watanabe
Ana Maria Villareal Cisneros
Monty Deering
Barbara Trudeau
Marcia Lee Reber
Anne Hula
Diane Cote
Melanie Rosa
Cindy And Don Seevers
M.D. Maxwell
C. Michael Pickens
Vern & Lyn Anthony
Benjamin Bright
Marian Brinkman
Charles Donaldson
Dc Health Dba Soli Wellness Chiropractic
Shaun Semenowich
Chiropractic Associates
Myrah Pa
Western Financial Group Inc
Ryan Keith
Paulette James
Joaquin Chang Ii
Virginia Sedgwick
Eldonna Fay
Edward Pula
Anthony And Donna Ficara
Shirley Holladay
Serena Rodrigues
Mary E. Gordon
Laverne U And Reginald Tanaka-Kawaakoa
Blanch Elaine Revel
Brad Hayes
Judy A Stallman
Raevonne Santiago
Pam Stovall
Nathaniel Depano
Trina Robello
Scott Buie
Bryan J. Reber
Patricia Willis
John C. & Tamara A Chadwick
Jerry Yelinek
Marion Wilhelm
Jenson Investment Corp.
Healthy And Fit
Ellyne “Sugar” Novak
Diane Ertell
Lorelei Yamaguchi
Marilyn Buchanan
Lori Kaneshiro
Russel Robinson
Alan Masi Glyn Sheppard
Joyce Lowry
Susan Bumstead

This is such an incredible time to be a part of Synergy. We appreciate your enthusiasm, your focus, your dedication, and your genuine desire to change lives through the products and opportunity. Don’t slow down your personal growth and success and we promise we won’t either.

All the best,

Stewart Rutter



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