Elemence Body Care

Announcing our revolutionary new Elemence body care line featuring Hand and Body Lotion, Vera Gel, and Total Body Wash!

As you build your business and enhance your health with ProArgi-9 Plus, consider adding this new Elemence body care line to your daily regimen for a youthful appearance and a healthy glow.

The new Elemence body care products unite the most advanced research and cutting-edge technology with Synergy's already superior body care formulas to provide you with the very best cleansing, moisturizing, and treatment for your skin.

Synergy's skilled scientists and cosmetic chemists worked together to create and test premier formulas with the most powerful, advanced ingredient technologies in skin science. Based off our former body care line, the new Elemence enhanced products offer advanced technologies that are paraben-free, contain nutrient-rich ingredients, and are gentle on your skin.

While our former body care line was impressive, the Elemence reformulation brought a few key upgrades to the products. You can view a comparison of the old and new by following this link.

One exciting change to the new line is its significantly reduced price:

72400 Elemence Total Body Wash $16, 10 CV
72405 Elemence Vera Gel $15, 10 CV
72410 Elemence Hand & Body Lotion $15, 10 CV

Rich botanicals, plentiful vitamins, and sophisticated technology combine to make up a premier body care system that brings you the "essential elements of skin science."



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