New Updates to Resources

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Due to high demand, Synergy WorldWide has provided a variety of resources for the use of Team Members in North America. Simply click on the "Resources" tab above to access collections of audio, video and document tools, including:
  • The SLMsmart System Webinar, presented last Thursday by Dr. Stacey Bell
  • The most recent Corporate Update Call, hosted by Howard Hannemann, featuring Lee Edwards, Roger Hunt, and Mylo Berstad.
  • The most recent Cardio Call, featuring Dr. Joseph Prendergrast
  • Downloadable webinars, catalogues, documents, videos and more.
Going forward, we plan to make available the webinars, calls and videos that may be of special value to Team Members. These will continue to be organized under the "Resources" tab and will be added in a timely fashion. 

We encourage you to enjoy these resources and make use of them for personal education and the building of your business.

Synergy WorldWide

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