Cash for Korea

As the 2013 Global Summit in Seoul, Korea draws near (less than 3 months away!), many of our Team Members and leaders throughout the world are making preparations and building excitement. This event is sure to be an incredible milestone for Synergy WorldWide and we hope to have as many of you join us as possible.

Win Cash for Korea
At the start of this year, Team Members were given the chance to win cash for Summit attendance by earning points in our Top 50 ChallengeThere is still time to win!

Top 50 Cash
  • $2500 each for the Top 10 point-earning Team Members*
  • $1500 each for positions 11-35*
  • $500 each for positions 36-50*
Positions will be finalized with points earned through July 31st. Earn those points and come experience the life-changing Global Summit and the culture of Korea on Synergy's dime.

Experience the Summit, September 26-28
This Global Summit is sure to be the single-most-important event of the year. Empower yourself and your business as you enjoy the company of top worldwide leaders, witness new product launches, and receive detailed training on how to build a successful Synergy business. For more information about the Global Summit, click here or visit the registration site.

*Team Members must attend the Global Summit and earn a minimum of 6000 points to qualify for cash prize.



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