Ten Winners Announced

Friday, September 07, 2012

In conjunction with the Fast Start Bonus and 2x2 Builder Bonus enhancement, we launched a small competition.

Since the announcement, the first 10 people to earn 2x2 would be entered into a drawing for one of ten prizes (iPad, Kindle Fire, GoPro HD Camera and 7 Summit admission tickets).

We're pleased to recognize the following ten earners who were the first 10 to complete a 2x2 since Wednesday, August 15 - and as a result, have won the following prizes:

Marilyn Pineda - Apple iPad
Dianne Sandberg - Kindle Fire
Virginia De Los Reyes - GoPro HD Camera
Josh Hewlett - 2012 Summit Admission*
Wayne Faw - 2012 Summit Admission*
Kristi Ross - 2012 Summit Admission*
Patricia Butkovich - 2012 Summit Admission*
Reynaldo Pineda - 2012 Summit Admission*
Leila Tumanday - 2012 Summit Admission*
Marilyn Pineda (completed two 2x2's) - 2012 Summit Admission*

Congratulations to each of these winners!

The 2x2 Builder Bonus, coupled with the Fast Start Bonus inspires teamwork and true sponsorship while facilitating the ability to earn $300!

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*The free 2012 Summit Admission can only be used for new registrations. If you have already registered for the Summit, a refund will not be issued. However, the free admission can be used to register an unregistered guest.

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