Dan Norman - Commit to the Summit

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dan Norman, President, extends a challenge for our Team Members to commit to this year's Global Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We're excited for the prospect of having our international markets present as we celebrate another historical year of success at Synergy WorldWide.

Mark your calendars, invite your teams, and make your hotel reservations for what's guaranteed to be the Synergy event of the year! See details below:

2011 Global Summit
When: September 22 - September 24, 2011
Where: South Point Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
Rates: Sunday, Sept 18 - Thursday Sept 22 - $50, Friday, Sept 23 - Saturday, Sept 24 - $85
Hotel Reservations: Click here for hotel reservations or call 1-866-791-7626.
Note: Use group discount code SYN0922 when making reservations

The Summit will officially kick-off on the evening of September 22 and go through the evening of September 24, so please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Hwang! Synergy's newest Presidential! We are attracting world-class leaders, those who have persistence and drive to do "whatever it takes!" We are excited to share with all of you, our team of dedicated professionals who have the Global Summit - PROSPER - 2011 on our goal board for achievement and celebration. We're all booked at the South Point Casino, are you? See you there, let's come together and celebrate the victories of 1,000's of new Team Members who are coming home. One Heart at a time... ~ Ted & Michelle Wilson