Dan Higginson - Setting Goals for 2011

"I truly believe that 2011, truly believe, will be the year that people remember 20 years from now as the branding year," says Dan as he looks ahead to the promising success that awaits Synergy and its dedicated Team Members for 2011.

Within this message Dan stresses the importance of establishing specific, attainable goals for this upcoming year. If you have yet to do so, we strongly encourage you to sit down and put together your Synergy road map for this year. What is it that you want to accomplish by December 31, 2011? What will you do each month, week, and day to achieve that goal?

As you set your goals, remember the simple mnemonic known as SMART:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Relevant
T = Time-bound

Have a great weekend!



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