September Rank Advancements

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congratulations to our hard working leaders who achieved new ranks in September 2010!

Pearl Executive

Team Director
Jim & Rene'e Creasey

Team Manager
ES & After
Living Without Disease

Team Leader
Kenneth Harris
Olena Suslova
Heart Health Revolution
Trish Coulombe
Bill Milton
Matthew Weeks
Chandas LP
Roger Congdon

Byron Deardoff
Garrett Wertz
Cynthia Wiggins
Alt Med Services

Como Cardio Dental LLC
Kathryn Page
John Graves
Fred Davison
James Judkins
By Jhulsz-1118580 Alberta Ltd
Brett Wertz

Dave Blackhurst
Ted Heims
Galen Daily
Robert Zarren
Benjamin Bright
Wesley Anzai
Mark and Julie Fulcher
Lora Lewis
Sherry Friedges
C. Eugene Curtis
Robert and Donna Andersen
Bill Harris
Jean Hampton
Darlene Hawke
Paul Jackson
Pamela Marta
Dr. Mary Margrave
Esther Hofer
Kim Forbes

Timothy Vigil
Steven Lancaster
Integrated Wellness Group
Life Discovery Consulting Court
Frank Shallenberger
Jessica Neal
Ted Gwilliam
Jesse Brewer
Crystal Edwards
Byron Lee
David Franklin
Health Specialities
Annie Hofer
Donald Patrick
Art Konrad
Lisa Wright
Patrick Samsonas
JCL Ventures LLC
Larry Crow
Don Smith
Valorie Strickland
Darrell McClaskey
Gigco Inc
Dean Person
Beverly Atkins
Jeri Anderson
Susan Armstrong
Cecil Pearson
Patricia Lightfoot
Wyn Hartfield
Charlene MacPherson
Scott Hinshaw
Paul Goguen
Claude West
Gordi Minshull
Paris Boyd
Margaret Boersma
Richard Congdon
Ilse and John Young
Ginger Bridges
Janet Lawhon
Pat Connor
Mike Jorgensen
Janet Toney
Doreen Sayler
Holly Guard
Sean Smith
Linda Kushman
Dr. Natalie Sayler
Susan Carollo
John Koutsaris
Nathaniel Caine
Anna Ishizeki
Brenda Sonnenberg

Synergy WorldWide

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1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to my sponsor, Marty & Heather Holker! What a wonderful example of persistence, desire, NO EXCUSES and flat out commitment to personally enrolling, mentoring and systems building. Achieving Pearl is significant, and yet only a small step to your ascent to Presidential.

    So proud of you, thank you for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT and unwavering commitment.

    ~ TW