e9 - Energy with l-arginine

Friday, October 22, 2010

Summit is officially underway! We just heard from Tyler Rippy, VP of Marketing, and Kaimi Pelekai, Team Leader, who have introduced our newest product, e9 - Energy with l-arginine.

e9 combines the powerful cardiovascular benefits of l-arginine with guarana and a perfect blend of B-vitamins to naturally increase energy levels. This exclusive high energy, low calorie formulation provides steady energy for hours without leading to a sudden crash. e9 has a refreshing Tropical Burst flavor and comes in single serve packets that make it easy to mix on the go.

The product is now available in the United States and Canada. e9 will give you the opportunity to access an entirely new demographic and bring the heatlh benefits of l-arginine to thousands of individuals.

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. e9 is the BEST!!!!! Thank you Synergy! What an incredible addition to an already incredible company! 2011 will be the defining year for Synergy Worldwide, right here in North America.

    Got your seat belts on? :)

  2. What is the Summit special price for e9?

  3. Can't wait for my new shipment to arrive and try it!

  4. Anyone looking for energy,...... e9 a NEW energy drink last 5 hrs and taste like pina colada,......... and the best thing NO SUGAR, awesome.

  5. We drove 20 strait hours to attend the 2010 Summit. Tired is too mild of a word to describe how we felt. Strait to bed we went and struggled through the next day. We had e9 for our 20 hour trip home. It works great and tastes great! We got home and had the energy to share the synergy product and opportunity with someone, unpack and relax. Imagine that!

  6. It looks really effective. Thanks a lot for that review. It can definitely boost your energy.

  7. Really Useful, i like so much...
    Thanks for sharing...

  8. I quit coffee in 2010 thanks to e9. It's such a healthy alternative, and great boost to get my day started right! Don't know what I'd do without it :)