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Friday, October 08, 2010

In less than 2 weeks, Synergy WorldWide and Team Members throughout North America will join in celebration of this year's success. Come participate in the celebration and prepare yourself for an even greater 2011!

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Synergy WorldWide

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  1. Dan, myself and my leadership team WOULD NOT MISS THIS ANNUAL EVENT!! This is what drives OUR business... the tools, resources, stories, information and inspiration is what makes the Synergy Summit a MUST ATTEND event. Anyone within the Synergy family who is SERIOUS about building their business MUST ATTEND. Period. "Success leaves clues..." ~ TW

  2. Great message Dan. I know all the members from our team that will be attending this event are very excited. We look forward to hearing and sharing stories and seeing what the next chapter of Synergy has in store for us. A chance to tour the manufacturing facility where our products are made and see first hand the quality that we have. It's exciting to image where we will be in our business next year at this time. Looking forward to a unbelievable time in SLC in less that 9 days

    Dwayne - Canada

  3. Aloha Mr. Higginson, myself, and the teams from Hawai'i will be there. We are so excited! to meet up again in Utah. We wish we could bring everyone that is on the product here in Hawai'i to meet our Synergy WorldWide Ohana(family). That is our comtinuing mission to DO. We are so excited to meet our global friends as well. We look forward to listening to our top leaderships and their guests. We will be among the best in the business once again. Just 7 more days looking forward to an incredble! time and celebrate a prosperous 2011.