Activity = Income

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stewart Rutter, Vice President of Sales, discusses the importance of engaging in activity based meetings. See how the incorporation of this business building principle can lead your Synergy business to new levels of success.

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  1. Activity = Results.......... Being productive is the key (I'm speaking from experience on both sides of the fence): having a clean office and checking all my emails doesn't pay down the mortgage faster! Having a list, picking up the phone (even if it weighs 500lbs. sometime), directing your prospect to an important video or conference call or local meeting, and following up are the integral steps in our business. WE can't deviate from this, no matter how attractive online marketing may be... these ACTIVITY steps are the cornerstone of our business.

    Those recognized next week at Summit WILL BE those people who took action and completed these steps routinely - I guarantee it! ~ TW