Elevate Your Body and Mind with NEW VitaLift!

Synergy WorldWide proudly presents: VitaLift! There may only be 24 hours in a day, but you want to fit everything in! Social, career, fitness, self-care, nature, and everything else that’s calling your name on the daily.

And if energy levels aren’t what they used to be, go ahead and reach for a natural lift. VitaLift harnesses powerful science by blending herbs and essential nutrients known for their ability to help reduce fatigue, boost focus and endurance, and elevate both body and mind.

A Powerful Blend of Natural Energy Sources
Mother Nature provides amazing plants that naturally help energize the body and clear the mind. VitaLift features 3 of these powerful herbs – guarana, ginseng and green tea – to elevate energy levels, boost performance and otherwise energize your life so you can do more day after day.  

Guarana seed extract 
Guarana seed looks like a funky eyeball. Maybe because it can awaken you to a fuller life as it energizes with naturally occurring caffeine (60 mg/serving). This powerful South American seed boosts physical energy, vitality and stamina, and it supports clear thinking.  

Ginseng root extract
Korean ginseng is a popular adaptogen that supports both energy and stamina. According to studies, it strengthens qi energy, supports the brain and nervous system, and it may boost immune health. 

Green tea leaf extract
This ancient herbal remedy helps maintain healthy blood flow while it reduces oxidative stress with EGCG and other powerful catechins. And blood flow helps with energy levels.  

B Vitamins
Essential vitamins help support energy while they boost brain function, aid metabolism and promote energy, circulation and memory.  

Choosing foods and supplements with key nutritional benefits can help you strengthen both immune and respiratory health any time of year. Squeeze more out of life with VitaLift!



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