Show Your Heart Some Love: Our 5 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Heart

Your hardworking heart is the superstar center of your body, pumping nonstop to circulate oxygen, nutrients, and life throughout your system. But between chaotic schedules, mounting stress and less-than-ideal habits, it’s easy to take that ticker for granted.

This Heart Health Month, let’s make cardiac care a top priority. As the courageous MVP that keeps you going 24/7, your heart deserves major TLC. Here are 5 ways to spread the love:

  • Break a sweat! Exercise gets your blood flowing and strengthens the heart muscle. Aim for at least 30 minutes of elevated heart rate per day. Support your workouts from the inside out with ProArgi-9+ and CoQ10.
  • Play chill-out games. Stress hormones can damage blood vessels over time. Counterbalance with relaxing rituals like breathwork, scented candlelit baths, gentle yoga flows, mood-lifting music, or laughter with friends. 
  • Eat the rainbow. (And we don't mean little candies) Fruits and veggies in vibrant hues provide antioxidants to support joint health and comfort. Be sure to get fiber from whole grains, nuts, and seeds too for balanced cholesterol support. Consider Omega-3 and Metabolic LDL to fill nutrition gaps.
  • Monitor your numbers. Schedule an annual physical, including blood pressure, cholesterol testing and risk assessment. Early detection allows for prompt intervention. 
  • Know the signs. Pay attention to symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, dizziness or shortness of breath. Don't ignore warning signs - get checked out ASAP.

Show major appreciation for your ticker's relentless efforts! Using preventative strategies and supportive care, you can keep that precious pump happy and healthy for years to come.

How are you celebrating #HeartHealthMonth?



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