Peppermint Oil Available Now

The holidays are nearly here, and peppermint is starting to appear everywhere! It seems like every year peppermint takes center stage during the holiday season. But why, exactly, is it such a staple? 

Beyond its refreshing flavor and scent, peppermint has been valued for centuries for its ability to aid digestion after heavy holiday meals. That’s because mint naturally contains menthol, which gently relieves occasional stomach upset. Peppermint also has a fresh, cooling sensation that helps you feel alert, alive and focused.

Historically, ancient cultures also believed peppermint held cleansing and restorative properties to help the body renew itself during the symbolic transition from darkness to light each winter solstice.

And of course, nothing conjures up nostalgia for the holidays quite like flavors of candy canes and minty hot cocoa! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the debut of our Peppermint Oil, just in time for holiday cheer and feasting!

Simply add a few refreshing drops to water, tea, even festive cocktails for a cooling burst of holiday flavor with a side of tummy TLC. Finally, an indulgent way to unwind while keeping your gut feeling merry and bright this December!



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