Leaders Join for Experience Synergy 2023

North America leaders joined together at our Lehi headquarters to experience Synergy. It is an exciting time for Synergy WorldWide and the North American market. We recently announced a company rebrand and this in-person event was the perfect chance to show off Synergy's new look! The power of our new branding was on full display as leaders entered the office, stepping from years past and into the future. This central focus this weekend was not only about the brand itself, but about revitalizing and strengthening our business. 

The event began with a private tour of our Spanish Fork, UT manufacturing center. This state-of-the-art, in-house facility is central to Synergy's quality health products. Visitors were treated to insights about how each of our four quality control laboratories work to guarantee pure and potent products and enjoyed up-close views of our manufacturing equipment such as the mixing, encapsulation, liquids, tableting, stick pack systems. As a demonstration of our commitment to quality, the facility has earned and maintained several certifications including:
  • cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • TGA - Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia
  • NSF International
  • USDA Organic
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 17025 - Quality Management Systems
  • FDA - United States' Food & Drug Administration
And just recently, the facility has moved off the standard electric grid and now operates on 100% solar power. We believe it is important to protect our most important resource - the Earth - as it provides the key, health-enhancing building blocks for the products we produce here.
At check-in, every attendee received an event gift bundle and tickets for the Saturday afternoon prize raffle. The afternoon began with an overview of everything that has been going on at Synergy throughout the past year with Sales Director, Alex Melecio. Marketing Program Manager, Andrew Earl introduced the new Synergy branding before taking attendees on a tour of our Lehi headquarters. This tour included a look inside the Hughes Center for Research & Innovation, a meet & greet with CEO - Terrence Moorehead, and an unveiling of the rebranded Synergy office. Afterwards, Lora Forbush, from the Impact Foundation, introduced Heart Health Month 2023 along with a representative from Primary Children's Hospital who shared how Synergy's fundraising efforts and donations have made a difference. The session ended with a special message from Synergy Founder, Dan Higginson. 
Attendees were not only among the first to see the new branding, but they had exclusive access to an on-site Synergy store filled with brand new gear and merchandise including everything from shirts and hats, to bottles and blankets, to notebooks and pens. 
We were down to business on Saturday morning as Alex Melecio shared insights about the new Synergy website and the exciting new tools currently in development. Andrew Earl shared about bringing together brand power, digital first, and field energy strategies to effectively use sales tools and social media. Hughes Center Director of Scientific Innovation, Michael Saunders, shared detailed information about Synergy's heart health products and how they function within the body. Micaela Congino, one of our Sr. Product Marketing Managers, shared about how ingredients from the land and the sea have been joined to create our l'amara skincare line. 

Additionally, we announced two new l'amara products! To end the session, several of North America's top leaders including Mark Comer, Dianne Leavitt, Rudy Pedroza, Paul Blad, Bart Woodcook, Steve & Roxanne Seely, Scott Brumfield, Dane Iorge, and David Johnston each shared their insights and experience about Synergy. 

Between sessions, everyone enjoyed an on-site, catered lunch. It was the perfect chance for leaders to connect with one another and offered time to explore everything available at the Synergy store.

Alex Melecio kicked off the third session with exciting new incentives and promotions. An updated version of Title Plus was introduced for extra earning opportunities by building the Synergy business. He also announced the Odyssey - Bahamas Cruise incentive trip aboard Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas. Recognition & Events Coordinator, Alley Wentz, then shared about what Synergy means to her and how what we do really makes a difference. After outlining an updated recognition program, she recognized several individuals including:
  • Craig Baker for being the first person to register for Experience Synergy the day it was announced
  • Robert Grant for flying all the way from Europe just to attend Experience Synergy
  • Brian Holt to celebrate his birthday
  • Emi Kawase for triple rank advancing in December to become our newest Team Leader
Heart Health Month is a great time each year to raise money to help tiny hearts, but having this group together allowed for a unique opportunity to serve. Everyone in attendance participated in preparing fleece blankets for children receiving care at the Heart Center at Primary Children's Hospital. These blankets help children find comfort and peace during their hospital stay. By the end of the hour, the group was able to complete 60 hand-tied blankets! Visit www.myimpactfoundation.org if you'd like to learn more about how you can get involved.

Every attendee received raffle tickets just for attending Experience Synergy. However, to increase the odds of winning, each person received additional tickets according to their Heart Health Month - Impact Foundation donations. The event ended with a fun-filled raffle where we gave away a wide variety of products and Synergy swag. Robert Grant was the lucky winner of the grand prize of a limited-edition, Cotopaxi backpack featuring the new Synergy branding.

For all those who attended Experience Synergy 2023, we hope it was well worth your time and efforts to be present. There was a special feeling of new energy in the air that just can't be recreated here. Synergy North America has many great things ahead and we're grateful to step into that future with you at our side. We hope you enjoy this event recap video and photo album to get a taste of the Synergy experience. And, we hope to see you at our next Experience Synergy event!



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