Enjoy the same great products and feel good about protecting the Earth! Sharing the healing power of nature with the world comes with a responsibility to preserve that power for future generations. Eliminating waste, decreasing our carbon footprint and reducing our overall environmental impact has become an ever-present focus for Synergy. Converting our bulk powder products, such as the Biome Shake and ProArgi-9+ Jumbo products, from plastic containers to foil bags is just one way we are achieving each of these goals.

Sourcing these empty containers and shipping them to customers as finished products adds up to hundreds of pallets and tens of thousands of pounds of plastic annually, which drastically affects shipping logistics and costs, while leaving a negative environmental impact in its wake. We recognized the need to make a change and started looking for solutions. We found a more flexible packaging option that greatly reduces rigid plastic weight and one that dramatically condenses the space necessary for shipping the empty containers. By converting our bulk power products to flexible bags, we reduce the number of shipping pallets used, container weight and size, and total plastic waste. 

While these are all significant improvements, the positive impact does not end there. The bags provide for a better overall consumer experience, and over their lifecycle (production, use and disposal) they require approximately 90% less energy and water, while producing about 90% less waste. Moving to bags checks all the boxes for reduced waste, fewer carbon emissions and a lower environmental impact, and that's a story that we can all get behind! 

Check out the infographic below or download HERE for an approximate overview of how this change is a big step towards reducing our carbon footprint as we do our part to protect the environment.

To learn more about our environmental sustainability efforts, view our ESG report HERE and read more about our manufacturing facility going solar HERE.



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