e9 Product Sample Card

Throughout the month of June, we want to power your moment with the natural energy of e9! Check out our e9 sample cards today. There has never been an easier way to share the health benefits this potent blend of l-arginine, amino acids, pure caffeine from guarana, other herbal extracts, and a unique combination of B vitamins bring to lift you out of an energy-deficient slump and give your body the added nutrition it needs to boost and sustain energy levels. These cards are specifically designed to help you easily share Synergy's Elite Health products with your family, friends, and anyone else you meet.

Power up even more this month by getting your hands on these sample cards is to place an order containing e9 during the month of June. We will then mail you a FREE 10-pack of sample cards.*

*Available to US Team Members only.
This e9 sample card is digitally available in your Back Office Resources or you can find it HERE. You share the link in a text or an email, download the card yourself, and print additional copies at your local printer. 



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