The reward for completing the Pura Vida Challenge did not disappoint! Leaders from across North America gathered together for four days in the tropical forests of Costa Rica to experience the "Pura Vida" culture. Located on the country's northwest coastline, The Andaz Resort at Peninsula Papagayo offered luxurious accommodations including breathtaking ocean bay views, private beach access, and exquisite Latin American cuisine.

Synergy began the event with a business meeting where leaders heard messages from corporate and field leadership. Each message offered clear insights into new programs, the new Synergy website, and additional tools that are coming soon. Leaders were then invited to enjoy the remainder of the day relaxing and dining at the resort, swimming at the beach, and meeting one-on-one with the corporate leadership team.

Early the next morning, the group embarked on a day-long excursion across the Costa Rican countryside to the Buena Vista Del Rincon Eco Adventure Park, located at the base of Volcan Rincon de la Vieja, an active volcano. Each person zip-lined through the dense jungle foliage, hurled down a 400-meter water slide, experienced Costa Rica's rich culture and history, lathered themselves in a volcanic mud bath, and soaked in natural hot spring pools.

After another relaxing day at the resort, the event concluded with a beachfront dinner party. The buffet was lined with a variety of fresh, colorful Costa Rican dishes while local entertainment enhanced the "Pura Vida" atmosphere. During the dinner, each qualifier was recognized for their Synergy business achievements and received a one-of-a-kind Boruca mask. Each intricately, hand-carved mask is painted in vibrant colors to represent animals, devils, and the local flora and fauna of the country. The Borucan people believe that the spirit animals of the jungle helped them to resist the Spanish conquistadors more than 500 years ago. These masks symbolize the Borucan's great sense of pride knowing that they were triumphant in keeping the Spanish from conquering their land and their spirit. 

View the 2022 Costa Rica - Pura Vida photo album HERE.
Certainly, each person who attended, returned home with special memories of their time in Costa Rica. However, one of the most impactful takeaways is their sense of pride and passion for sharing Synergy's Elite Health with others. No matter the challenges we all face each day, our spirit of courage and perseverance will lead us to success. We extend our gratitude to our outstanding leadership representatives who qualified and attended and look forward to even more of our valued Team Members being among those who qualify for our next North American event!



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