Heart Health Spotlight: CoQ10

Jumpstart your energy levels and fuel your heart with Synergy's CoQ10. As an all-natural compound, our CoQ10 provides biological energy support for most vital organs— including your heart. 

CoQ10, formally known as Coenzyme Q10, is an oil-soluble vitamin-like compound found in every cell of the human body. Our CoQ10 is an all-natural, crystal-free compound that uses a patented lipid blend to enhance its bioavailability and absorption in the human body, providing an adequate supply of energy to your body's most important muscle–your heart. 

Each system encompasses different cells, tissues, and organs that all require a supply of energy—or ATP—for optimal function. Within these vast networks, ATP or energy is delivered after its successful production within the body. Although much of the body’s energy is derived from components found in natural food sources, organs with greater energy requirements have an increased need for high concentrations of CoQ10. Taking a CoQ10 supplement can help fulfill that demand. 

  • Helps to reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body
  • Supports the health of the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function and general longevity
  • Supports energy production for the heart and other organs requiring high levels of ATP or energy

This month, when you purchase CoQ10, you’re helping support one of the best health care organizations in Utah— Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH). Throughout February, Synergy will be donating 5% of proceeds from all our heart health products to The Heart Center at PCH. Help us give back to an organization that already gives so much, and share the gift of heart health today. 



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