Synergy’s Donation Set to Help 116,938 Underserved Women and Children

Synergy WorldWide believes in making a powerful impact on the world through innovative, Elite Health products, including sharing the healing power of nature by giving back to the community. That’s why, during Europe’s new Collagen+ Beauty launch, Synergy established a fundraising campaign for Vitamin Angels.

For each box of Collagen+ Beauty purchased through the month of June, Synergy WorldWide set aside $5 to support Vitamin Angels. The Impact Foundation helped double the efforts made by matching the funds raised. In total, Synergy WorldWide donated $29,234.56 to Vitamin Angel’s cause— which will help support 116,938 underserved women and children. 

Vitamin Angels

As a global prenatal initiative, Vitamin Angels provides access to prenatal vitamins and minerals for underserved pregnant mothers and young children. This ensures both healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes. Serving over 60 million mothers and children in 65 different countries, Vitamin Angels helps to support those most in need.



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