Santa’s Biome Challenge

We hope this season brings good fun, good food, and good memories to each of you. Of course, our old friend Santa Claus will be soaring the skies soon, delivering gifts, eating far too many cookies, and breathing chimney smoke. 

Like Santa, we often indulge in more sugary sweets and dubious dining over the holidays. Our air and environment can put a damper on the season as well. It’s the perfect time to Purify.

Now you can detoxify and purify your microbiome along with Kris Kringle. It's “Santa’s Biome Challenge” from Synergy! Earn a FREE Purify Kit, reward new Team Members and customers with FREE Biome Actives, and enjoy a new reason for holiday cheer. 

For our friends in the USA:


Jump on Santa’s Biome Challenge by personally sponsoring three new Team Members. Do this, and you’ve earned 1 FREE Purify Kit

New Team Members will receive a FREE bottle of Biome Actives upon activation with a min. order of 150CV. 

Even your new Preferred Customers will receive a FREE bottle of Biome Actives with their first order when they purchase more than $100 of product. 

Note: To receive a free Biome Actives, or Purify kit, you must contact our friendly Customer Service agents. They'll be ready to activate new Team Members & customers and reward your for completing the Challenge! Limited to one per person.

For our friends in Canada:

Receive FREE shipping on your order when you purchase a 7 pack of ProArgi-9+ or $200 of product from US to CA.  
Note: To take advantage of this offer, please place your order through our friendly Customer Service agents.

For more information, download our Santa's Biome Challenge Information Sheet which includes the Terms and Conditions of this promotion. For additional details regarding Canada click HERE

Questions? Please contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.



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