Leadership Retreat 2021 In Miami

Are you ready for a well-deserved vacation? Qualify now for the 2021 Synergy Leadership Retreat in Miami, Florida. Famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and diverse culture, Miami is sure to delight and excite everyone. During this four-day adventure, you will be able to celebrate your achievements, learn, relax, and explore— all while soaking up golden Florida sunshine.

Qualifiers will enjoy the classy comforts of the Royal Palms Hotel of South Beach Miami. Your hotel, transportation, and activity costs are on us. We’ll also be covering most of your meals and offering flight compensation up to $400 on basic airfare. So, get ready to join us on this dream vacation and make sure to pack your camera, your sunglasses, and some extra e9! 

How To Qualify:

We have two, six-month qualification periods allowing you double the chances to earn your spot. However, there are two ways to qualify for this trip. You can either:
  1. Rank advance to a “Team” Pin title for the first time and maintain that title for an additional month. 
  2. Or, if you currently hold a “Team” Pin Title,  maintain your highest “Team” Pin title for three months.
The “Team” Pin Titles are the Synergy ranks of Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director, and Team Elite. If you’re able to maintain your title for the full six months, congratulations! Not only have you earned your trip to Miami, but you’ve also qualified for a guest ticket, so you can bring your spouse, best friend, or partner along.


Additionally, you can join Leadership Retreat 2021 at your own expense if you have earned commissions at a “Team” Pin Title or higher at least once during the qualification period. This buy-in option is also applicable for guests of qualifiers. 
  • Buy-in for Team Leader and above is $3,000
  • Buy-in for qualifier guest is $2,500

You don’t want to miss the fun in Miami! Organize your team, make a plan, and set this as a goal today. We are making the plans to party, and we want you with us.

Download the Leadership Retreat 2021 Infographic to share, print or post. Questions or concerns? Contact us today.



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