How To Utilize Your Custom URL Website

Now, perhaps more than ever with social distancing, we are finding new and creative ways to do business. Remember to take advantage of Synergy’s Replicated Website tool! Setting up your customized URL is easy and convenient. It allows you to share your business with potential customers, who can purchase products directly and effortlessly without needing to enter your ID number.

As a Synergy Team Member, you own your very own website. It's a "replicated website," meaning it looks and functions similar to our company's standard website, The biggest difference: it's yours! It's attributed to you, and when your customers use it to make a purchase, your business gets the credit.

The URL of your replicated website is automatically distinguished by your Team Member ID number. However, you can customize and have your own unique URL by naming it yourself.

Example: John Doe, whose ID number is 12345, had the replicated website URL "" automatically assigned to him. He can easily customize his URL, and share "" with his customers and contacts.

Customized URLs for your replicated website can be more memorable, professional, and personal. Log in to your Synergy account and customize your URL today!

Replicated website URLs can be shared in the following formats:


Replicated Website URL Restrictions:

1. URLs cannot contain any profane or offensive words.**
2. URLs cannot contain any specific Synergy product names (i.e. ProArgi-9+, e9, Trulum).**
3. URLs cannot contain any mention of disease or health conditions (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure).**
4. URLs cannot contain anything resembling an income claim.**

Your website URL is ready to customize today. So make it your own and share away! For step-by-step instructions on how to customize your URL, click here.

Note: Don’t worry! If you decide to change your replicated website URL, your customers who are used to using your Team Member ID number can still use that even if you change your URL. Your ID number will always be valid.

*You will still be able to share your old replicated site URL with your member ID number even if you customize your URL.
**If your chosen URL blatantly interferes with another established Synergy business or is found to be obstructive in any way, you may be asked to make a change. Synergy WorldWide reserves the right to reject a name if it is deemed offensive or obstructive by our compliance team.



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