Impact Foundation Donates Over $90,000 to Assist with Wuhan Coronavirus

The Impact Foundation, in partnership with local distributors and employees in China, donated $90,500 (633,357 RMB, Chinese Yuan) to the Shanghai Charity Foundation to assist with the devastating Wuhan coronavirus.

The funds donated will be used to help the areas most affected by the virus, including Wuhan, with much needed medical resources like masks, goggles, and protective clothing. These items will protect frontline medical workers so they can provide the best care possible to those infected with the virus.

Dan Norman, Executive Vice President, President Asia Pacific, said, "Nature's Sunshine was able to quickly mobilize to address the current situation in China through our Impact Foundation. The Impact Foundation's donation will make a big difference in China. I'm really proud of our leaders in China who have been so positive and generous with their time and resourses, it's really remarkable to see."

In addition to their generous donations, distributors and employees in China have also been supportive through social media. Their activism has blanketed China, bringing hope and boosting morale during these very difficult times. Nature's Sunshine couldn't be more proud of these incredible efforts and generosity.

The Shanghai government and the Jing'an District government have recognized and praised the Impact Foundation's donation.

About the Impact Foundation

Synergy WorldWide and Nature's Sunshine share the healing power of nature with people in need through the Impact Foundation. The foundation works to increase awareness of nature's healing power, create meaningful service opportunities, and engage with charitable organizations that align closely with the mission of our company.



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