Cologne List® Approved: ProArgi-9+ and e9

Two of Synergy’s most popular Elite Health supplements, ProArgi-9+* and e9*, have been published on the Cologne List® after thorough third-party analysis. Athletes around the world use the Cologne List® to determine whether or not a supplement is acceptable to consume while competing professionally in competition.

Now, with two of our most popular formulas* backed by this reliable, independent organization, it’s easier-than-ever to market Synergy’s Elite Health product line to all athletes and sports professionals. Simply share the flyer below, or direct them to the Cologne List® website to quickly and conveniently access Synergy’s product information and laboratory findings.

About Cologne List®

Cologne List® was created by the Olympic Training Center Rhineland as the first doping prevention platform for nutritional supplements in the world. It continues to be the largest doping prevention platform to this day. All products approved by Cologne List have successfully passed a label check and third-party laboratory analysis. Recognized throughout Europe, Cologne List® provides athletes and manufacturers with a certified list of products that have been tested for doping substances such as anabolic steroids and stimulants by one of the leading laboratories in nutritional supplement analytics.

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*The ProArgi-9+ and e9 formulas featured in Cologne List are the European formulas and differ slightly from the U.S formulas.



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