October 2018 Elite Honors Qualifiers

Last month, a phenomenal group of Team Members became Elite Honors qualified. We commend these men and women, and encourage all Team Members to make Elite Honors your goal as 2018 comes to an end. To learn more about the 2018 Elite Honors program, click here.

Congratulations to the following Elite Honors qualifiers:

Bill Boswell
Mark Comer
Roxanne Seely
Dan Hammer
Sara Holt
Linda Hansen
David Munoz
D. Michael Quigg
K. Roger Carter
Marion Sczesny
Robert H. Grant
Gloria Charles
Jean E. Rampersad
Keith Jang
Diane Galloway
Ivor Miles
Marjorie Lewis
Kyunghwa Cheong
Douglas Morales Montanez
Gwen Watkins
Angela F. Yearwood
Dave Ramcharan
Cole Whitaker
Reina Lizeth Martinez
Angela Bowker
Nieves Enrique Gonzalez
Brian Holt

Remember, through other promotions like Title Plus, Team Members can earn extra rewards by leveraging their Elite Honors qualifications combined with new rank advancements. For more information on qualifying for Elite Honors, and the other lucrative promotion programs running this year, click here.

Again, we would like to congratulate the individuals listed above for achieving Elite Honors this last month. Your dedication to building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We are grateful for your hard work, your belief, and for the fantastic examples you are setting for anyone looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.



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