Experience Synergy Recap

Last weekend, Synergy hosted a fantastic Experience Synergy event featuring many special guest presenters and the launch of Metabolic LDL and the Cardio Kit. Adding to the excitement of the event were many visitors and new Team Members ready to commit to sharing Elite Health!

The event began with a tour of The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, where the research, formulation, clinical study, testing, and scientific validation was conducted for Metabolic LDL. Team Members were then taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility where each of our products undergo rigorous quality control testing. Members were able to observe and understand the processes that create the quality products they are using and sharing every day. 

After touring the Hughes Center and manufacturing facility, participants heard from several speakers who highlighted the theme of Experience Synergy: “Why Synergy? Why Now?”

Presidential Executive Paul Blad told the story of perseverance, endurance, and achieving goals. He encouraged Team Members to look to the big reward and never give up. A highlight of Paul’s presentation was his invitation to Diamond Executive Bart Woodcook to share his success with leveraging the Mega-Match in his organization.

Presidential Executive Rudy Pedroza reviewed three rules in building your team: 1) exposure is everything, 2) fortune is in the immediate follow up, and 3) work with the willing. He also shared his three ingredients for success: 1) have a burning desire, 2) be coachable, and 3) be willing to work. Following Rudy, Emerald Executive Stewart Rutter suggested five steps to grow a business. These steps included following up with enrollees and continuous product training.

Giving the audience an exclusive educational experience, Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Matthew Tripp, outlined Metabolic LDL’s unique and powerful formula, and the ways it is able to support cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function. He detailed the extensive research and clinical studies conducted on Metabolic LDL. Metabolic LDL can now be purchased individually, or as part of the Cardio Protect Kit or the Fortify Kit.

Lastly, Synergy Founder Dan Higginson concluded the event with a motivating speech about Synergy’s proven products and the hard-working people who distribute them. He encouraged Team Members to live, love, and leave a legacy. “We are second to none,” said Dan. “Our products are the best in the industry. Our Team Members believe in those products and are passionately sharing them around the world.”

We would like to thank all those in attendance and our amazing speakers, tour guides, and event planners for making this a great event! We look forward to future training and motivating events like this one in the future, with YOU!

The following Team Members in attendance were recognized at the event for their hard work and commitment to Elite Health:

January Top Recruiters- Pete Miller, Jacinth Waldron, and Hayden R. Nielsen-new Star in January.

January Top Team Builders- Bart Woodcook, Roxanne Seely, Paul Blad, Rudy Pedroza, Dane Iorg, Pete Miller, Dan Hammer, and Earlwaine Cumberbatch.

Synergy’s newest Pearl Executive- Brent Burnett.

Again, we want to recognize each of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication!



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