Our limited-time offering of FORTIFY, the revolutionary Elite Health program new to Synergy WorldWide, is coming to an end. Don't miss it! The many Fortify benefits experienced by clinical trial participants, and Beta-Testers* have been incredible to say the least.

For LTO details, and Fortify program information and resources, click here or call 801-769-7800 to order. Remember, with every 90-day supply of Fortify purchased, Synergy will send a Purify Kit FREE!


"Fortify changes you. It changes the way you relate to food and think about your body. It has been the most amazing experience. You don't know all the ways it's going to affect you and help you until you go through the program. Above all, it is a very empowering thing."
-Roxanne Seely, Fortify Beta-Tester, Synergy Pearl Executive.

"In the Fortify program, I'm never hungry. My results have been great. I've lost body fat with higher energy levels, energy through the roof. I feel like I'm 21. It's hard to believe what it's doing for me every day."
-Pete Miller, Fortify Beta-Tester, Synergy Team Manager.

More Fortify stories and Elite Health transformation details will be coming your way, but for now, be sure to call 801-769-7800 to get your Fortify Kits to take this leap toward unlocking your potential.

*Prior to this LTO, several Synergy Team Members were selected to put Fortify to the test. These "Beta-Testers" have been reporting their results and successes weekly and will be spreading the word about Fortify power. Stay tuned for more!



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