Biome Protect Kits Now Available!

You’ve completed the Purify program and made progress toward achieving balance in your microbiome. Now, you have the product kit and program necessary to sustain that progress with the newly released Biome Protect Kit.

The Biome Protect Kit includes

Continue thriving on the healthy momentum you’ve built!

The three revolutionary Biome products that compose this Protect kit are highly acclaimed by Purify participants. The Biome Protect Kit offers the necessary product quantities and regimen to safeguard the successes you’ve experienced thus far on your journey to Elite Health.

Learn even more about the Biome Protect Kit, its individual products and the foods with which it works best, by reading the following:

ALSO: Remember that individual Biome products are now available to purchase in the Synergy Shop. It’s a great day for Elite Health!

For more information about the Biome Protect Kit launch, click here.



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