Elite Health Kickoff Next Weekend

The Elite Health kickoff event is approaching fast and we are excited to see our Synergy Team Members join us for the official launch of the new Purify Kit! 

In March, a thousand LTO Purify kits sold out in a single day. Since then, the positive Purify program reviews have been pouring in! Hundreds of people are sharing their incredible Purify stories on Facebook, Instagram, and more. These testimonials are piquing the interest of many others and reflect the high-quality products included in the Purify kit.

Check below to hear some first-hand experiences from real Purify users on Facebook that summarize just how powerful people have found the Purify Kit to be for their microbiome health.

“Oh my goodness! I've released ANOTHER 0.6 pounds! So that makes it a total of 10.6 pounds in 29 days! For something that is supposed to just cleanse your body and repopulate your gut with the good stuff, it sure does have a nice side effect.”
- Beth Holmes-Temple
Chandler, AZ

“Mending my insides was key! I'm ecstatic with the 15lbs I released on round 1 of Purify (maintained that for a month) than released another 5lbs on round 2. To me this was fast! I've a long way to go to my goal. But mending my gut was obviously just what I needed to have hope it is possible. Bending over without acid reflux continues to be possible as well."
- Glyn Masi
Morrison, CO

“I feel so great! Not good, I mean great. My mind is clear. I am happy. I could not wish for a better feeling! With this Purify Kit , the 7 days fly by. I felt wonderful the first time around, but the second time is even better! I want to feel like this all the time. I am 50, but feel like I’m 20.”
- Homer Wimberly
Chandler, AZ

“Can’t believe the energy I have after my second time using the 7-day Purify Kit. Additionally, I have greatly reduced inflammation, just as Dr. Tripp predicted. I weigh less than I have in over 20 years. No other company in the world gets the results that Purify gives to people if you care about your health you have no risk. This works!”
- Dane Iorg
Highland, UT

“I lost 2 inches around my stomach, bust, hips, arms, and thighs! I lost a total of 9 lbs.! I have been feeling really wonderful. I am finishing off the Biome Shake, Biome Actives, and Body Prime still, and I’m finding myself sad that I do not have much more to continue with!”
Jennifer Payne
Tacoma, WA

These customers are merely a fraction of the wonderful feedback we've received for Purify, and if you’re attending the Elite Health Kickoff on May 12-13, you’ll have the privilege of listening to a number of incredible Purify testimonials in person!

And if you haven’t already, join the Purify discussion on Facebook and share your story.



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