Elite Honors Enhanced

Since its introduction in 2015, Elite Honors has served as a cornerstone for recognition as new Team Members are coached on successful and duplicable business building efforts.

In an effort to simplify and unify this program across Synergy, we are excited to introduce the following Elite Honors enhancements, effective January 1, 2017:

Qualification Period: January – December (calendar year)

Qualification Levels:
The following CV levels represent three levels of qualification that will impact the recognition component of this program. All CV levels are specific to Tracking Center 1 (TC1) and activation volume is no longer a required component factored into Elite Honors qualification.

600 CV
1200 CV
2400 CV

Elite Honors Recognition: 
For each month you are Elite Honors qualified you will be recognized with the following:

1x Qualified – Blog
3x Qualified – Pin & Blog
6x Qualified – Elite Honors Club Card & Blog
9x Qualified – Elite Honors Club jacket, Blog & Summit Recognition
12x Qualified – Product Credit, Blog & Summit Recognition

Product Credit Amounts:
The following amounts will be awarded following the calendar year of qualification:
  1. Elite 600: $1200 
  2. Elite 1200: $2400
  3. Elite 2400: $4800

Product Credit Qualification Details:
In order to qualify for product credit, a Team Member must have an active account, be in good standing with the company, and:

1. For all existing Team Members as of January of each calendar year, you must be Elite Honors qualified for 12 consecutive months in the calendar year (January through December).

- OR -

2. For new Team Members, you must activate your distributor account by June 30 of the qualification year, be Elite Honors qualified each month for the remaining months of the year, and have a cumulative amount of CV on your TC1 by year end that is equal to or greater than the 12-month amount that corresponds to the product credit qualification amount (600 CV = 7200 CV; 1200 CV = 14,400 CV; 2400 CV = 28,800 CV).

Note: Product credit will be awarded to the corresponding least-common-denominator CV amount that is earned.


#1 – Diego activates his distributor account in January 2017. He is Elite 1200 qualified January through November. In December, he is Elite 600 qualified. Since Diego missed being Elite 1200 qualified in December, but was still a minimum of Elite 600 qualified all twelve months, he still earns 1200 in product credit for 2017.

#2 – Sara activates her distributor account in March 2017. She learns about the benefits of the Elite Honors program and begins replicating it in her business. Sara is Elite 600 qualified every month through December 2017. Additionally, through extra efforts she accumulates a total of 8,000 CV in TC1 volume through the year. Since Sara has maintained her Elite Honors qualification each month since joining AND has accumulated more than the 12-month equivalent (600 CV x 12 = 7200 CV) in TC1 CV, she qualifies to receive the 1200 product credit for 2017.

#3 – Jon activates his distributor account in August 2017. Unfortunately, the product credit portion of the Elite Honors program won’t be available to him until 2018. However, he can still replicate the system in his business, be recognized for his efforts, and capitalize on the Go Elite bonus each month.

#4 – Elizabeth activates her distributor account in June 2017. She is Elite 2400 qualified each month through the end of the year. Additionally, through extra efforts she has accumulated additional TC1 volume through customer sales that brings her year-end total to 21,000 CV. Since she did not meet the threshold of 28,800 cumulative CV, but was Elite Honors qualified each month and met the 14,400 threshold for the Elite 1200 level, Elizabeth with receive a product credit of 2400 for 2017.



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