5 Star Legacy Foundation Needs Your Support!

Everyone has the opportunity to Leave a Legacy and participate in supporting the 5 Star Legacy Foundation!

On Monday, October 3, the annual 5 Star Legacy Foundation golf tournament will begin, but before participants tee off, SYNERGY is asking YOU to contribute to this charitable effort by sponsoring one of the Synergy-led teams. This is a fun and easy way to get involved without attending the tournament. We hope Synergy supporters all over the U.S. lend a hand and help in this cause! We need your sponsorship pledges by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2!

You will be able to donate in two different ways:

1. Elect to donate a certain amount for each birdie your team makes.
  1. Example: If you elect to onate $3 per birdie and your team of four made 15 birdies, your total donation would be $45.
2. Elect to make a flat donation. By making a flat donation, you can choose to donate the amount of your choosing.


Synergy teams to sponsor:
Note: Each team includes four individuals.

Greg Probert, CEO, Nature's Sunshine Products
Dan Higginson, Founder, Synergy WorldWide
Dan Norman, President, Synergy WorldWide
Mark Comer, Triple Presidential Executive, Synergy WorldWide
Dane Iorg, Presidential Executive, Synergy WorldWide
Stewart Rutter, Synergy WorldWide


All of the money donated will go directly to 5 Start Legacy Foundation to help children in need around the world. Learn more about 5 Star Legacy's charitable initiatives here.




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