Beginning September 1, 2016, Core Greens will be discontinued, making way for Essential Greens, Synergy’s new and improved phytonutrient-rich product. Essential Greens will make getting your five to nine serving of fruits and vegetables per day an easy task.

The name “Essential Greens” was selected to better convey the idea that the nutrients provided by this product are not just preferred greens. They are essential to your nutrition regimen. Now you can purchase one box of Essential Greens for 32 CV, $39.
And we’ve made taking your daily does of phytonutrients easier than ever by packaging Essential Greens in easy-to-carry, easy-to-share single serve packs.

We know Essential Greens will become a staple in your diet as you experience the product’s many benefits.

Note: Core Greens capsules and Core Greens canisters will be discontinued with the introduction of Essential Greens single-serve packs. Any Autoships that have Core Greens product will be automatically updated with Essential Greens. If you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact Customer Service.



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