5 New Pearl Executives in June!

In the fourth consecutive month of executive pin title advancements, five Synergy Korea Team Members became Pearl Executives and are already eagerly working toward the Emerald Executive title. Each of these five Team Members has a unique story and skillset that makes them highly valued at Synergy WorldWide.

Get to know more about our newest executives:

Chan Woo Kim, Pearl Executive

Before joining Synergy, Chan Woo was a successful network marketer for a company that altogether failed over time. Though his business came to a screeching halt, he still believed in the network marketing vision. When he discovered Synergy, he loved everything about the company, including Korea’s Eagles System and his dedicated sponsor.

“Pearl Executive is just the beginning,” Chan Woo said. “I know I can do so much with the Eagles System. I will be a Synergy leader who is modest, earnest, and successful.”

Joon Seok Jang, Pearl Executive

Joon Seok came to Synergy with a great deal of network marketing experience under his belt. He was a top leader for another company, but was impressed by Synergy WorldWide’s vision. He left the company he was with excited about Synergy’s future and what he could contribute to it. Joon Seok is tackling his goals and thrilled to be a long-term part of Synergy.

Hyun Sook Lee, Pearl Executive

Hyun Sook is a highly successful insurance agent that has no trouble bringing in sales; however, the rewards she is reaping from her part-time Synergy business are encouraging her to invest more and more time away from the insurance office.

Always emphasizing the importance of teamwork, Hyun Sook said, “Without team work, I couldn’t be an executive. I achieved this title through the support of many people. I know I have to help them just like they’ve helped me.”

Seung Kyu Shin, Pearl Executive

Seung Kyu was working for his family’s engineering business when he realized the network marketing opportunity was too great to pass up. His first network marketing venture failed, but he did not give up. He wanted to find a company that would make his dreams come true.

“I met my personal sponsor through Synergy and she gave me a second chance,” Seung Kyu said. “Many thanks to Yun Tae Hwang who developed the Eagles System and to my sponsor Young Ok Park. Because of what they’ve done for me, I will continue to succeed and become a great leader.”

Young Soon Park, Pearl Executive

Young Soon was a top network marketing leader for a company in Korea until one day the company closed its Korea office. Eight years of hard work disappeared in one day. After meeting Yun Tae Hwang, Young Soon joined Synergy. Following the Eagles System and counsel from Yun Tae, Young Soon’s business grew quickly. She’s grateful that her network marketing path has led her to where she is now.

“I’d like to thank my family for supporting me, and I would like to thank Yun Tae for always helping me,” she said. “I will give the same support to my partners.”

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