Han Tae Hwang Joins Triple Presidential Ranks

Joining Mark Comer and Yun Tae Hwang in Synergy’s Triple Presidential ranks is Han Tae Hwang of Korea, Yun Tae’s business partner and brother. He is the third Synergy Team Member to earn this prestigious title. Synergy staffs and Team Members all the world applaud Han Tae for this spectacular and monumental achievement.

Though Han Tae has achieved incredible success with Synergy, his journey to success had a rocky beginning. Even though his older brother Yun Tae was experiencing incredible financial success with Synergy, Han Tae politely turned down Yun Tae's recommendation to join Synergy every day for three months. After all, he was preparing to study abroad and wasn't interested in a business opportunity. It wasn’t until Han Tae saw how Synergy's products were helping his brother and father that he quickly changed his answer to an enthusiastic "yes" and he became a Synergy Team Member.

In a short few years, Han Tae saw a drastic change in his life. Previously a financially-strapped student, Han Tae now enjoys the lifestyle he always wanted 20 years earlier than he expected. Han Tae is especially happy about the doors his newfound financial status has opened for his family.

"Since I joined Synergy, I have realized the pleasure of living by the phrase, 'To give is better than to receive,'" he said.

Now, not only does Han Tae have enough money to take care of his family, he also has plenty of time to spend with them in addition to his good health.

"It's a remarkable change," Han Tae said. "The most precious gifts ever given to me are my family first and Synergy next."

Han Tae offers good advice to those getting started as Synergy Team Members: have a definite goal, be reliable, maintain a good attitude, keep putting in the effort, and always care about people.

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