Elite Honors Spotlight: Dwayne Loberg

February was the biggest month to date for Elite Honors in North America. New Team Members and Synergy veterans alike are latching onto the Elite Honors system and finding fulfillment in reaching the milestones that are required to become Elite Honors qualified. An elite few have even become Elite Honors qualified all nine months since the earnings model was introduced.

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DWAYNE LOBERG of Alberta, Canada, not only became Elite Honors qualified in February, he rank advanced to Bronze, a fantastic achievement for a Team Member who joined the company in 2015 and started actively telling people about Synergy products in December.

Like many who are learning about Synergy for the first time, Dwayne was no interested when his sponsor told him about ProArgi-9+. He refused to try the product repeatedly until one day he decided to do his friend a "favor" and try the product. He and his wife started to take two servings per day and didn’t think much of it until they started to notice changes in their health that they didn't expect.

“I was in a hospital the first time I told someone about ProArgi-9+,” Dwayne said. “I told him about my experiences with the product and he became a distributor right there. He said, ‘Whatever you are doing, I’m going to start selling it.’”

Dwayne realized in December that there was no reason he couldn’t become Elite Honors qualified every month. He also realized that he wanted everyone on his team to make Elite Honors qualification an ambition.

“Becoming Elite Honors qualified is a step a distributor can take to see that they’ve made progress,” Dwayne said. “The people on my team are ecstatic about Elite Honors; however, I can’t tell other people to be Elite Honors qualified without being qualified myself. People will not surpass what the leader is doing.”

Dwayne said that becoming Elite Honors qualified was easy. He hardly noticed that he fulfilled the Elite Honors requirements because he was focused on sharing Synergy products. By simply sharing his ProArgi-9+ testimonial, distributors and customers fell into place. Dwayne said he is more excited about his Synergy business than any other business venture he has been a part of in his life.



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